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Welcome !

What you can get here?

  • Patron-Only Series Works:
    • Torture Rooms Series.
    • Punishment Rooms Series.
    • Sex Machine Series (機械姦) (New in 2019).
    • Milk Factory Series (乳工場) (New in 2023).
    • Previews: Pixiv
    • ...and more in future.
  • Bonus works likes doodles and revision packages.
  • 2 days earlier access to my public works.
  • HD Version of all works (back from 2016)
    • Including all public and exclusive works.
    • Up to 4500px.
  • Unpublished Scraps works of the month ( sample )
    • Published monthly.
    • Available download for 1 month.
  • Original PSD files with all layers
    • Published monthly.
    • Available download for 1 month.
  • My Photoshop Brushes.

Current I do at least 1 work per week.

My favorite themes:

  • Bondage (From Extreme Hard to Soft Romantic).
  • Shibari (Rope Bondage)
  • Foot Fetish.
  • Guro (Torture, Blood...)
  • And More...:)

How this site works?

In short, you pay me a small donation by month, then as a reward, I send you the Pass of my Patron Area:

[ Patron Area ]

You can find all contents there. :)

Current donation is 10$/month.

Payment Methods:



Simply become my patron of 1000 JPY level at pixiv FANBOX, you can check my new works and the monthly Pass there.



Simply subscribe to my 10$ Tier, you can check my new works and the monthly Pass there.


All Pass expired on the 2n day of the next month.

For example:

10$ Pass purchased on 2023-01-10(YYYY/MM/DD) will expired on 2023-02-02(YYYY/MM/DD).

Sorry for the inconvenience cause by that. ^^;

Currency is in USD.


You can check all my public works in the following sites.

Even those public works were partly got removed by administrators, or have to heavily censored by myself.

Good new is we don't have such problems here. :)


  • Twitter
  • Email: ikelag@outlook.com